GrowthBar Review: Best Google Chrome Extension for SEO

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growthbar review

SEOs rely heavily on tools when doing processes like keyword research and backlink analysis. However, most of the things that you need to rank for can be found right in the search results and by studying your competitors.

Most of the time, you have multiple tabs opened, using one tool per task so you go back and forth on multiple tools. Google Chrome extensions are a great way to reduce the time spent in these tasks and we just found the best chrome extension available in the market.

I’m talking about GrowthBar. A tool created by the awesome folks at Growth Marketing Pro. I’ve been using GrowthBar a lot and I’m loving it. Here’s my full review of the tool.

What is GrowthBar?

GrowthBar is a Google Chrome extension that provides SEO analysis straight from the Google search results. You could use Google search to look for any keywords that you want and GrowthBar will provide you insights that you need whether it’s for keyword research, competitor analysis, and more.

Before I continue with this review, you might want to try and install GrowthBar. You could do so by visiting this link: GrowthBar SEO Chrome Plugin. They are offering a 5-day free trial. 

GrowthBar Features

Once you install GrowthBar and turn on the tool, it is activated right away once you open a new tab of Google search. Here’s a view of the overall look:

Keyword difficulty

When searching for a keyword, a score will be found right beside the search bar which indicates how difficult it is to rank for the keyword that you searched for. This is really helpful as it helps you assess if you should go for this keyword or look for an easier keyword to rank for.

Keyword suggestions

This, in my opinion, is the highlight of this tool. Once you search for a keyword, there is a section where you can see a few other related keywords suggested by GrowthBar as well as their search volume and cost per click if you are running ads. Once you click the See more button, you’ll see a full list of recommendations and you can even download a CSV file so you could store the data.

Domain Authority and Top Backlinks

This feature is very useful for competitor analysis. GrowthBar shows you the domain authority of a website. And then you could check the top linking websites if you want to find out more how to beat your competitors. Similar to the keyword suggestions, clicking the See more button will show you the full list of the website’s linked domains. It will provide domain authority for each as well. You could also download the list as a CSV file if you want to keep a record.

Top Organic and Paid Keywords

Using GrowthBar, you could view the top keywords a website is ranking for both organic and paid ads keywords and see their position on it. Another great tool for keyword research and competitor analysis.

Facebook Ads

Clicking the Facebook Ads button on GrowthBar will show you the ads a website is running on Facebook. This is a great way to spy on your competitors and be ahead of their social media marketing campaigns.

Word Count

GrowthBar is able to give you the word count of a webpage without the hassle of copying and pasting their content on a word file. Though it has been said before that word count does not affect rankings, long-form content or deep content is still recommended. 

My Thoughts on GrowthBar

My experience has been great so far using GrowthBar. Just seeing all the data that I need while surfing through Google is exactly what I wanted for an SEO Chrome extension. It’s compact and easy to use. It saves me and my team a lot of time because it eliminates the repetitive actions of switching in another tab then analyzing websites one by one on different SEO tools. I get the data that I need without having to leave the search results.

However, I think GrowthBar could add more data and metrics to allow for a more in-depth analysis. But still, it doesn’t take away the versatility of the tool since you can have data for literally any keyword that you search for.

GrowthBar Pricing

GrowthBar costs 49 dollars per month which is relatively cheaper than most SEO tools. But if you want to check out the tools first before making a purchase, they are offering a 5-day free trial that you could use by going to this link.

Final Verdict

I would definitely recommend GrowthBar as it is a valuable tool especially for digital marketing companies running multiple campaigns for multiple businesses. I think it’s really worth it since it doesn’t limit the number of searches that you do so you literally can analyze unlimited amounts of keywords and websites. It doesn’t take a lot of power on your computer or laptop, it’s user-friendly, and could definitely increase your efficiency.

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