The Marketer as Philosopher, Episode 3 The Conversion Heuristic Analysis: Overcoming the prospect’s perception gap

Some marketers try to discount their way to success. But sustainable marketing success doesn’t come from endless incentives – marketers succeed when they are able to help the customer accurately perceive the value in the products and services they sell.

That is no easy task. Because there is a natural gap between
marketers and customers, between how we perceive the value of our products and
how an external customer views the product.

Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute, uses a product tag along with a pair of case studies to help you close that gap. Watch this episode now to discover how to see conversion opportunities through the mind of the prospect and learn five practical ways to increase perceived value and achieve your marketing results. (MECLABS is the parent organization of MarketingExperiments)

Here are some key points in the video:

  • 4:45 – Which treatment do you think performed the best?
  • 5:55 – Test results for those treatments
  • 7:01 – How to see a conversion path through the mind of a prospect
  • 8:57 – Case study #1: Homepage experiment
  • 13:48 – Three ways you can use your marketing skills to help artisans in developing countries pull themselves out of poverty
  • 14:33 – Case study #2: Landing page experiment
  • 15:42 – Five practical ways to apply what you’re learning

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