Guest Blogging Mistakes That You Should Avoid


One of the most effective link building practices that help generate more traffic on a webpage is guest blogging. This is one of the best ways to be able to connect with an entirely new audience, and boost your rankings entirely. With that in mind, the quality of a guest blog is very crucial, as there are times that some poorly-made guest blogs can be seen as “spammy”, which can make it challenging for some people to post on guest blogging sites.

Guest blogging is not a simple feat to do, as you will always encounter different kinds of challenges when it comes to pitching on different kinds of sites. With that in mind, it is important to avoid some mistakes that would make it even more difficult. Here are some of these guest blogging mistakes that you should definitely avoid, along with some helpful advice.


Not providing a proper introduction

First impressions count a lot, which is why it is always a must to write an introduction that can catch someone’s attention. One of the common mistakes that link builders tend to do that affect their pitch is not provide links to their social profiles, which means that they would not be able to do a background check on the person wanting to post a guest blog.

Another mistake that commonly occurs in guest blogging pitches is not including your idea on the post itself. Blog editors are usually busy when it comes to going through different pitches, and seeing that your pitch does not even have an idea to begin with, they won’t even bother taking another look at your email.

Solution: Provide your personal details and social media links on your introduction to make sure that editors get to know more about you, and see you as a legitimate source. Next, it is mandatory that you already have a guest blog idea before even sending your pitch, as this is the main purpose of the pitch in the first place.

Poorly written pitches

This does not only apply for guest blogging pitches, but also for emails in general. Poorly written emails that have grammatical and spelling errors do not give a good impression to any editor you would be sending your pitch.

Solution: It is best to do some proofreading before sending any email, to make sure that you have all of the details accurate, and your grammar correct. There are a good number of grammar checking tools that you can use, such as the Grammar Checking Tool of, which is just one feature of this versatile tool.


Not following the proper guest blogging guidelines

Every guest blogging website has their own guidelines when it comes to posting, and not following them means not having your guest blog being posted. These guidelines include what topics the website prefers to post, topics that are not allowed, and how to submit your post. These guidelines are specific, and make sure that your guest blog would be compliant to what they are looking.

Solution: Carefully read these guidelines, as each website has different guidelines that you need to follow. Making sure that you comply would mean having your guest blog posted with no problem.

Using automated pitching templates

Automated pitching tools are commonly used in guest blogging, as it allows you to follow a specific email template that you can use to contact editors quicker than the usual. However, this has become used so much that editors know how templated emails look like and ignore them.

Solution: While using automated pitching email templates is not a bad thing, it is advisable to customize it for different editors, so they’ll know you applied your personal touch. A presentable email pitch is almost always worth a good look.


Insincere/Rude Tone

Tone is important when it comes to pitching anything, and it definitely pays to be kind and sincere. Having an insincere or rude tone on your pitch would definitely sway away editors from even considering your pitch.

Solution: Once again, proofreading is your friend. Have a fellow writer or editor take a look at your email pitch before sending it. You would be able to adjust the language and tone of your pitch, and make it sound even better than it was.

Not doing proper research before writing

Now that you have your post ready to be written, make sure that you have done your own share of research which helps you know more the topics and crucial details of your guest blog. Poorly written guest blogs would most likely not see the light of day, and will remain as just a pitch.

Solution: Gather around a good number of sources for each post that you are going to make to have a solid and well-written post. You can have as much sources as you would need, and this makes sure that what you are writing is accurate and true.


Forgetting your byline

As a guest blogger, a byline is a short description about you, along with a link to your personal website. This is placed on a guest blog for users to access. This helps you get more leads and new contacts, which is why forgetting to add one would make your guest blog incomplete.

Solution: Add a short, yet sweet byline which briefly describes you, what you do, and a link to your website. 2 to 3 sentences is already enough for this, which also means that it would not take up space on your blog.

Key Takeaway

Guest blogging is crucial in the world of SEO, and doing it well helps generate better traffic overall. By avoiding these mistakes, you are guaranteed that you would be able to get your guest blogs posted in no time.

If you have questions about guest blogging, or SEO in general, leave a comment below, and let’s talk.

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Daring SEO Strategies You Must Try This 2018


With SEO experiencing another big year in 2017, this 2018 looks to improve on those results. For our team at SEO Hacker, we have been able to help some of our biggest clients experience their highest search rankings, and even helped made their sites more accessible and user-friendly than ever. Their presence and visibility on the internet, which includes search engines and social media platforms, has greatly increased under our watch.

These milestones cannot be done without using some of the most effective SEO strategies and practices available. Speaking of SEO strategies, it pays to be daring and risk-taking every once in a while. In fact, some of our achievements used some unique strategies that can be risky should they not be properly applied. With that in mind, here are some daring SEO strategies that you must try this 2018.


Optimize Voice Search

Voice search has accounted for a good amount of total searches during the past year. In fact, voice searches have accounted for around 20% of all kinds of internet searches in 2016, and that number could be just higher during the late parts of 2017. With voice activation and recognition systems being utilized more, it is best to take advantage of this new technology as early as possible.

How to apply: A majority of voice search inquiries are questions, which means that your keywords must be long-tail and have to be actual sentences, as opposed to keywords that consist of phrases and a combination of related words. Voice-based search terms work better when your content can be seen in Google’s Featured Snippet. When it comes to your content, make sure that the question inquiry and the answers would be at the same page, as Google tends to favor those sites more, and ensures that users would be getting instant results.

Utilize More Long-Tail Keywords

On the subject of long-tail keywords, these have been known to generate less traffic compared to shorter keywords. Despite the less traffic, these long-tail keywords tend to have a better conversion rate. This is due to these keywords being more specific searches, along with the fact that there is less competition compared to simpler keywords. With a lot of users opting to go for long-tail keywords, it is best to optimize your keywords to fit their needs.

How to apply: Like every keyword, it is best to do some keyword research using tools like AHRefs or Semrush, which offers you some of the most accurate data with regards to keyword performance. For the example below, I typed in “SEO strategies” on Semrush, and I quickly found some long-tail keywords that can be utilized.

As you can see, long-tail keywords may not be as competitive, but tend to have good search volume, along with having a cheap cost per click. Combine this with a sound link building strategy, and you would be able to help your website rank higher on search results pages.


Think Mobile

The number of people using mobile devices has increased in number over the past few years. With Google moving to a mobile-first search index soon, and the fact that a majority of Google searches are done through mobile, your mobile page would soon become your main page. This means that your website must be optimized for mobile as soon as possible.

How to apply: The first thing that you should do to your website is to apply responsive design into your website. This improves the user experience through better navigation, which means users will stay in your website longer. This can be done by changing your website’s code to comply with the adjustment form mobile to desktop. You can also create your own AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website as well, as this helps improve performance and loading speed. Google created a guide on how to create your AMP website, which you can access here.

Get to Position 0

Of course, the most coveted position on a Google search page is Position 0. This is where users get most of their information from, and google always makes sure that they would get their answers as quickly as possible. Having a website on the first page of Google gives you a head start on this, all you need to do is some optimization to get you there.

How to apply: Users want instant answers to their questions, which is why providing answers to some who, what where, etc. questions would get you to the top. This will also help you get voice results as well, which is a definite plus. Along with this, it is also recommended that you use schema markup on your site, along with shortening your URL into something more readable.


Create More Video Content

Nowadays, it is much more common to see internet users access more video content compared to blogs and images. This means that video content has  now become more important than ever, with other users having the tendency to search on Youtube before even going to Google. When it comes to the amount of searches, Youtube is already the second largest search engine, and your website would surely benefit with having some video content.

How to apply: Do some research on what the users prefer to watch, and see how you can create videos that they can connect with. Video creation and production is a different thing in of itself, and requires some good video and sound equipment to pull off. It is also important to make your videos SEO-friendly, as Google shows Youtube videos in their search results. For a more comprehensive guide to Youtube SEO, you can look at our guide here.

Key Takeaway

SEO in 2018 is bound to be another year of new trends, strategies, and updates that would once again shake things up. It is best to come prepared with some effective and strong strategies, and these daring strategies would surely be worth all the effort to get your rankings up.


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What We Learned in December 2017: The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

Happy New Year! The decorations are tucked away for another year and we’re all settling back into work, getting ready for the busy year ahead. The end of 2017 didn’t slow down on the digital news front, so let’s take a look at what happened across the web while we were busy preparing for the holidays.

Google increases meta description length

Early in December Google gave us more characters in the SERPs by increasing the potential number of characters visible for meta descriptions. Moz saw a spike in average description length and as such have increased their recommended meta description length to 300 characters. Rand discussed what this means for SEOs in Whiteboard Friday.

Read the full story (Moz)

Google launches new rich results and rich results testing tool

On top of the structured data testing tool, Google has now given us a way to test for rich results. “Rich results” are the combination of what Google was previously calling rich snippets, rich cards, and enriched results. The new tool allows webmasters to see structured data types that are eligible to appear as rich results. While the new tool doesn’t appear to allow you to copy and paste your own HTML (like the structured data testing tool), it does come with the benefit that it’ll load Javascript resources so you can see rich results that come from structured data loaded by Javascript.

Read the full story (Google)

Algorithm update targeting sites with no structured data and doorway pages

Mid-December saw a number of webmasters seeing significant movement in rankings. Later in the month, Google confirmed that it had made updates to their algorithm as part of “regular and routine efforts to improve relevancy”. While this doesn’t seem out of the norm (Google makes hundreds of changes each year), reports from SEMRush reported that the main changes being seen were to mobile SERPs, sites with no schema and sites that relied on doorway pages.

Read the full story (Search Engine Land)

Apple throttling iPhones

December wasn’t a great month for Apple. First of all, they had to deal with a number of pretty bad software bugs (a root bug on OS X, a crashing bug and a keyboard bug on iPhone), only for it to then be confirmed that Apple had been intentionally slowing down iPhones as they get older. Apple stated that the slowing down was to prevent devices from “unexpectedly shutting down” and “to protect its electric components”.

Read the full story (Wired)

Google Ad Grant policy changes

As of 1st January 2018, Google Ad Grants will now require accounts to achieve a minimum click-through rate of 5%. Accounts that fail to hit this CTR for 2 months in a row risk having their accounts suspended. However, Google has also stated that this 5% target is already lower than the current program average. This is one of a number of changes the Ad Grants program, which provides grants of up to $10,000 per month for non-profits, has seen as we move into 2018.

Read the full article (Search Engine Land)

YouTube has huge content moderation problems – especially with YouTube for kids

Current and former content raters have said that guidelines used to moderating content are confusing, inadequate and contradictory. Content raters, some who claim to have the worst job in tech (the article is paywalled), raised concerns about the volume of content targeting children that contains foul language, sexual jokes and violence, that as a result of these guidelines, could potentially be viewed by children, or even have its reach algorithmically amplified. To combat this YouTube plans to have more than 10,000 moderators in place during 2018.

Read the full story (Buzzfeed)

Chrome to start blocking (some) ads in February

Google has announced that Chrome 64, scheduled to be released by the end of January will automatically block some adverts as part of the Better Ads Experience Program. Advert types being targeted include adverts where audio or video is automatically played, pop-ups, prestitial ads accompanied by a countdown clock and “sticky” ads which cover more than 30% of the screen.

Read the full story (Computer World)

Eric Schmidt steps down as Alphabet Chairman

Schmidt’s decision leaves only really Larry Page still in an executive role. According to Google the decision had been a year in the making, stating that, “the role of full-time executive chairman was no longer needed after the creation of holding company Alphabet”.

With Sergey Brin being much less visible these days, the move seemingly indicates a growing power and trust in Sundar Pichai.

Read the full story (Financial Times)

Snapchat plans to get easier to use

Snapchat’s legendarily-confusing interface is getting an overhaul to make it easier to use with the aim of improving mainstream growth. Main changes include removing the Stories page, using more algorithms to personalise content and providing more varied content in Discover The changes have been met with mixed reactions from the app’s fans.

This follows their push further into direct-response advertising (with self-service options, no minimum spend, and new ad formats designed for measurable outcomes) back in June.

Read the full story (Recode)

Distilled News

This month the Distilled blog saw Senior Designer Leonie Wharton talk us through creative content that has inspired her during Autumn, and Principal Consultant Benjamin Estes shared his experience on effecting change and solving technical problems.

Over on the Moz blog, Tom Capper warned us about data analysis pitfalls and how to avoid them, while Distilled alumna Bridget Randolph explained how mobile-first indexing works and how it impacts SEO.

On top of all of this, tickets for both SearchLove San Diego and Boston are still available on early bird discount, giving you the opportunity to meet the Distilled team and see the biggest names in search share their thoughts and tactics.

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Google My Business No Longer Allows Former Employees To Post Negative Reviews


Google has updated their review feature on Google My Business once more. This time, the update now prevents former employees from posting negative reviews about the companies that once employed them. The reason for this change is because of the new guidelines, which sees these kinds of reviews as conflict of interest.

This differs from the previous guidelines that Google had imposed before, which states that the only time that conflict of interest happens is when reviews are left by the company’s current employees. Here is the current review policy left by Google when it comes to conflicts of interest:

Conflict of interest: Reviews are most valuable when they are honest and unbiased. If you own or work at a place, please don’t review your own business or employer. Don’t offer or accept money, products, or services to write reviews for a business or to write negative reviews about a competitor. If you’re a business owner, don’t set up review stations or kiosks at your place of business just to ask for reviews written at your place of business.”

Meanwhile, the policy on Google Maps also reflected the changes through their updated policies under restricted content:

“Maps user contributed content is most valuable when it is honest and unbiased. The following practices are not allowed:

  • Reviewing your own business.
  • Posting negative content about a current or former employment experience.
  • Posting negative content about a competitor to manipulate their ratings.”

Employers can now request these reviews to be removed as well, which prevents their review scores from getting struck by these kinds of negative and troublesome reviews. The update is made with the intention of making reviews more accurate, as there have been numerous cases of businesses getting attacked by multiple negative reviews, which can definitely break one’s online reputation. This would encourage the more accurate and unbiased reviews that would be featured on Google My Business,

Third Party Reviews

Another change that has been seen on Google My Business is that other than reviews from Google users, the site has also integrated third-party sites like, Expedia, and Agoda. This helps users be able to find more customer insight across the internet, which would help influence their decision. For businesses like restaurants and hotels, this comes in as a welcome addition, as these are where the bulk of internet reviews come from.

Key Takeaway

Company and business reviews are an essential indicator of their quality and reputation, and helps attract more people interested in their products and services. These Google updates ensure that companies will be able to get the most reliable and unbiased reviews from their clientele that paint a more accurate portrait of what they really are.

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Happy New Year SEO Hackers!


On behalf of the team here at SEO Hacker, we wish all of you a Happy New Year! With 2017 being an important year for the company’s growth, with a lot of development focused on our team and services, we have definitely made it count. These experiences have simply made us a better company with a stronger team that is ready to take on all the challenges.

Now that 2018 is here, we expect to continue this upward trend in development, and make SEO Hacker even bigger than before. Here are some of the things that we are looking forward to this 2018.

SEO Summit 2018

With the success of the past SEO Summits, the 2018 edition once again aims to top them all by being bigger and better. The SEO Summit always aims to bring some of the most prominent figures in the SEO industry and discuss some of the most important topics about the growing industry. Expect the next SEO Summit to be another milestone event for the company.

Focus on AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages have set the standard for fast-loading high performance webpages, and has been used by an increasing number of websites during the past year. We have written a few articles about AMP during 2017, and how it has helped improve the user experience and performance of different kinds of websites. With more users also accessing the internet through mobile, AMP will definitely have a big part to play in 2018.

Optimize Everything

For us at SEO Hacker, we not only help optimize different webpages in order for them to reach the top of Google’s search rankings, but we also optimize the performance of our team to make sure we always perform at our best. One of our constant goals is to continue to optimize every single part of our company, from the tools that we use, down to the practices that each team does. Optimization is something that we integrate with whatever we do, and we will continue to do so this 2018.

New SEO Tools and Techniques

As members of SEO Hacker, it is our job to use the best and ethical practices that would help our clients. With that in mind, we make sure that we use the best SEO tools and techniques available in order to deliver the best service to our clients. This 2018, we are looking forward and very excited to trying out the latest SEO tools. If 2017 provided us with some excellent tools that became a part of our toolbox, things are surely looking up for 2018.

A Growing Team

2017 saw our team grow in number and skill, with some of the most skilled and dedicated people working in our company wholeheartedly. As our company and client list continues to grow this 2018, our goal is to find more like-minded people that can be a member of our SEO Hacker Family.

Key Takeaway

With 2017 being a year to remember here at our company, 2018 looks primed to open up more opportunities and possibilities that will take us to the next level. Whatever challenge it might be, we are sure that we would be prepared and ready for 2018. Once again, SEO Hacker wishes you a Happy New Year!

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SEO Hacker Year-end Round-up

SEO Hacker Year end Round-up

As the year is about to end, all I can say is that 2017 is one of the most important years of SEO Hacker. As we are about to end our seventh year, we have had some posts that can be considered to be our most popular for the year. Each of these months have given us an article that SEO professional and beginners alike have found very informative and insightful.

With the new year about to arrive in a few days, let’s take a look back at some of the best articles for each month of 2017. Some of these include SEO tool reviews, Google tutorials, and even Google news and updates. This is also a great reading list before the year ends, and helps you prepare for 2018, which would be another big year for SEO.


Google’s Mobile Interstitials Penalty has Begun


Google’s emphasis on mobile website use and accessibility has been running during most of the year, with updates and announcements that ensure that mobile websites, function properly for the benefit of users. This article talks about how Google penalizes intersitials, which hamper the user experience, and make it difficult for a lot of people to access mobile home pages.


AMP Content Links Spread Outside of Search Results


Accelerated Mobile Pages have become the main platform for more websites, as it helps these websites load faster, and become more accessible on mobile devices. This article is about how AMP sites help create a better user experience, along with the use of Accelerated Mobile Links, which helps access other AMP sites better.


What We Think Link Building Will Be Like in 2018


Link building strategies have changed and evolved over the past few years, but it remains an essential element in the SEO process. This article look at how link building could possibly look like by the time 2018 rolls in.


How HTTPS Affects SEO and Why You Should Make the Move


HTTPS sites have been on the rise in the past year, and more sites have moved to it to improve their performance. This article proves that the number of search results from websites that use HTTPS have been increasing.


Advanced SEO Techniques to Improve Your Site Traffic


Increasing site traffic is one of the main goals in SEO, and there are many ways to accomplish this. This article is about the use of advanced SEO practices on how to improve your site traffic.


Bad SEO: Never Do This with Your Internal Link Structure


Bad SEO practices are often the ones that can get you penalized by Google,  or the ones that would not be able to generate the results that you want. Here is an article about what are the things that you should not do with your internal link structure.


5 CRO Mistakes That Need to Be Fixed!


Conversion rate optimization is a key element in good SEO, as it helps a business generate possible sales. However, there are many mistakes and missteps that one can do when it comes to CRO, and here is the article that would help you know more about them.


Google Search Console Tutorial: Crawl


As a part of the Google Search Console tutorial series, this article talks about crawl, and how does it help make SEO work. Crawl rate is one of the things that help get your web pages more traction, and this tutorial shows you how to do it.


How to Determine Low-Quality Pages on Your Site


Good SEO means creating or optimizing webpages that are high quality, which helps generate more internet traffic and improves the user experience. This article shows you how to look out for low quality pages on your website, and how to improve them.


How to Prevent and Protect yourself from Negative SEO


Negative SEO is still one of the biggest  industry concerns, as there are many websites that use negative SEO practices. This article will provide you some steps and procedures on how to prevent it, and protect your website.


Google Vince and Venice: How These Two Updates Changed the SEO Landscape


Google updates their search engine on a regular basis, some of which can be small fixes, while some bring about massive changes. These two updates have changed how SEO works for both local and corporate sectors.


Good Content Marketing Means Avoiding These Types of Content


Content marketing is an SEO essential, as website content is one way to generate more search and internet traffic. There are types of content that bring about the best results, and help your website get up in the search rankings. This article talks about what kind of content to avoid in order to create a better content marketing strategy.

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Merry Christmas from SEO Hacker!

Merry Christmas SEO HackersIn spirit of the wonderful holidays, SEO Hacker wishes you a Merry Christmas! The holidays are the best season to spend some quality time with your friends and family, and is also a great time to take a good break and enjoy some great food and presents. Along with the wonderful gifts and food, it is also a great time to look back at all of the work that you have done during the rest of the year and see how far you have come.

For us at SEO Hacker, 2017 was truly a year where we experienced a good amount of growth, along with some challenges that helped us reach heights that we have not experienced before. This helped set us up for a 2018 that will definitely big and eventful. While you’re taking a break and looking back at all of the SEO work that you have done, here is a holiday reading list of some of our most viewed posts.

SEO Holiday Checklist: Things You Need to do Before the Year Ends


Got your all of your SEO tasks ready for the holiday season? Here’s an article that will help you track down all of the things that you need to do to have your webpages prepared for the holiday season, along with other tasks that keep your SEO running until the end of the year.

Old Is Not Always Gold: Outdated SEO Strategies You Should No Longer Use


With 2018 rolling around a few days from now, expect some of the newest SEO strategies to arrive once more. While preparing for that, here are some old SEO strategies that you should no longer use moving forward. Also in this article are new strategies that you should be using for your SEO.

SEO Summit 2017: A Recap


The 2017 SEO Summit was perhaps the largest SEO Summit to date, with some of the best SEO professionals present, along with an eager anticipating crowd excited to know more about SEO strategies, tips, and insights from them. This article shows some of the highlights of the event, along with some of the most important topics that were discussed.

Why You Need SEO: Value, Growth, and Strategy


As SEO continues to grow during each passing year, more and more business and websites would be able to make use of it to improve their rankings and visibility on the internet. Here is an article about why you would need SEO for your website and business, and what advantages and benefits that you would be able to gain from doing so. If you know SEO and what it can do, this is one article that will convince you even further.

How to Determine Low-Quality Pages on Your Site


Google has set a standard in which all pages in the internet will be assessed, which determines the website’s ranking and relevance. This article shows how you can assess page quality, and see what to do and what not to do to make your SEO strategies work.

5 Pieces of SEO Advice You Should Ignore Immediately


SEO is diverse and has a lot of techniques and strategies that help make it work well. There are many pieces of advice that you can take to help bring you success when it comes to rankings, and this article is about advice that you should avoid in order to have good SEO.

Top 5 Strategies that Will Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates


Conversion rate is one of the most important SEO metrics that would help you assess the success of your website. This article shows you the best strategies you can use to boost your conversion rates and have successful webpages.

These articles would definitely make you have a productive and enjoyable holiday while you assess all of the things you did for SEO.

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Smart Image Link Building Tips To Give You an Edge Over Your Competition

Smart Image Link Building Tips To Give You an Edge Over Your Competition

Link building is one of the fundamental SEO strategies that professionals use to improve webpage visibility and increase web traffic. The strategies and techniques that make link building effective have been refined over the past few years, and despite some talks that it would not be as relevant as it was back then, it is still one element of SEO that keeps things running well.

While most people already know about the essential link building strategies, which we have discussed before, one aspect of link building that feels underutilized at times is image link building. This poses a different kind of challenge, as you would need different tools and techniques to make it all work. Here are some smart tips that you can use to get an advantage over the competition.

Using Infographics

Using Infographics

The use of infographics in certain posts on a webpage has been proven to be very effective as users see it as a more dynamic way of viewing the content of a web page. Different kinds data and information that users look for tend to look less attractive when posted on plain text, but with the help of infographics, you are guaranteed to boost up your page views and traffic.

The best way to take advantage of this is by capturing the interest of the user first through interesting and eye-catching topics. Research is the key to a great infographic, as your users would want reliable information, as a lot of infographics tend to be poorly researched. When people are looking for infographics, they are expecting statistics, important tips and advice, and even steps or instructions on how to do a certain activity or action.

Good design is also the key to a great infographic, as it will make your written content look better. It is best to use applications such as Adobe Photoshop to create the best results. Finally, make sure you promote your post, along with the right embed code and links. Attractive visuals help get more users, and infographics are no exception.

Social Media is your Friend

Social media has become one of the best ways to promote different kinds of content, from videos, web pages, and different kinds of images. Being visible on Google is already one important element, but being visible on social media is another. With millions of users in different social media sites, it is best to spread your coverage and reach the right people.

If you have a social media team, you can use social media tools such as Yoast SEO, which helps you share your posts in different social media platforms with a few clicks. You can also do some advanced scheduling on your posts, which allows you to post your images and content on time and on point.

It has been proven that more people tend to look at posts that have images or videos on social media, which is why image link building would be very effective on these platforms. While social media does not count in your SEO metrics, their influence helps more people look for you through constant sharing and reposting.

Take Advantage of Reverse Image Search

Take Advantage of Reverse Image Search

One of the best ways to look for the image source is by using Google’s reverse image search feature, as it helps track users to the link that it came from. Using reverse image is very simple, as you would only need to right-click on the image, and select the “Search Google for Image” option when you are using Google as your primary search engine.

Doing reverse image search will also help you see where the images of your competition are being posted, and see the other websites that post them as well. This would help you expand your link building campaign by looking for more prospects, and be able to look for the sites that already use your images. This will help you establish a solid link building relationship that would benefit both parties.

Optimize Your Image

All of the promotion and link building would not be able to work properly without proper image optimization. It would all start with the right file name, which means you have to insert the right keyword, along with the subject of the image.

The next step is to adjust the image size, as page loading times are a crucial factor in the overall user experience. There are many tools that can reduce image size while retaining the quality, and it is best to use it to your advantage. You can also make use of the source net attribute of the image, which will allow you to control the image size when being viewed on different devices. This can optimize both mobile and browser viewing, which helps the user experience. Through image optimization, you would be able to generate better image link building.

Use Memes

While it might be an uncanny strategy for some people, memes have become very marketable and helps websites and pages go viral for a good amount of time. There are many ways to create and edit your own meme, which includes Photoshop and Meme Generator. The best way to spread your memes is through social media, which would help you reach your target audience faster, and would help the image go viral.

Memes help generate links through constant sharing, reposting, and image hosting. This would help your website gain links around the internet, and be able to generate more traffic and visibility when they go viral.

Key Takeaway

Link building remains to play an important part in SEO, as it helps generate more leads and increase web traffic. Through the use of image link building, you would be guaranteed that you will be able to get better results, and have an edge against your competition.

If you have questions about link building and SEO, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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Creative Inspiration: Content We Enjoyed this Autumn

The internet is bored of graphs. Let’s show them what else we’ve got. 

Following on from our post this summer, where we talked through a range of exciting new content, from peace tributes to social adverts, we now turn to what has got eyeballs on a brand this Autumn.

There’s lots of talk in the industry right now about off-site ranking factors beyond links, and especially those related to brand. Take this post from Sistrix, this deck from Malcom Slade, or this post on Moz from our very own Tom Capper. At Distilled, we feel a combination of link building and social activity is what gives a brand its best chance online, and that’s reflected in the pieces I’ve selected below.

In addition, I’ve tried to look beyond the tried and tested format of interactive data vis, to some of the more exciting formats that SEO and marketing teams at successful brands are exploring right now.

Here are some exciting finds I stumbled across:

1. Can you spot the hidden egg? – Bloom and Wild

Source: Bloom & Wild

There seems to have been an influx of a particular type of picture quiz. Companies by the dozen getting mainstream press and social attention with a simple static image. No interactivity, no data, no research, no complex build, just one illustration. Work with an illustrator with a distinctive style (like in this Lens Store example), to create a memorable picture puzzle for your client.

2. Mo Farah, SmileNike

Source: Nike

It is great to see a poetry trend taking place in advertising. The rhythm and story that binds the concept together in this ad that came out at the end of the summer for Nike. Mo Farah stating that ‘Just because he smiles, it doesn’t mean it’s easy.’ The video starts with candid footage as though shot by Mo Farah himself, this instantly grabs an audience’s attention, we feel like we are viewing an Instagram story perhaps, it makes us inquisitive what glimpse will we get into this hero’s life. The stripped back shot depicting him up close and personal, joking around, this pulls us in. I have also seen poetry used for campaigning and more hard-hitting topics here with spoken word artist Hollie McNish, the rhythm and pace helping hold my attention for the full 04:40.

3. Lateness excuse generatorDave TV

Source: Dave

When you’re crushed up against another commuter on the arduous journey to work, anything that even slightly entertains you or helps you escape the reality of the daily grind sticks in your mind. Recently Dave’s lolz ads have been tickling me. Dave does a great job of understanding that what they sell is “being amused”, not TV shows.

4. Branded in memorySigns

Source: Signs

Banner printing company, have studied how logos we see everyday are remembered, by asking people to draw them. Over 150 people drew logos like Apple, Adidas and Burger King. The hand-drawn logos were then plotted on a scale from most to least accurate. It turned out that IKEA was the easiest to remember and Starbucks the hardest.

5. The Uber GameThe Financial Times

Source: Financial Times

The Financial Times created a walk through multiple choice game to test how you will fare in the gig economy. An isometric illustration style was used to create wonderful city scenes. You are given choices such as which type of car you will buy, what sort of phone plan you sign up to, with the decisions affecting how much money you are able to make.

6. You are what you listen toNicc Johnson

Source: Nicc Johnson

Medium launched this long format piece that looks at how the music you listen to can match certain personality types. This is a detailed study, with quite a lot of information to consume before you reach the reward.  I am a dance music fan, which apparently means – I am creative and outgoing but not gentle! Yikes! I feel the depth of research here helps to make the conclusions much more believable.

7. Beautiful goalposts from around the UKMichael Kirkham

Source: Michael Kirkman

Posted in the ‘sport’ and ‘football’ categories on the BBC, this photo series of goalposts around the UK, conjures up memories of simpler times. Sometimes white painted lines on cracked brick walls, or flimsy frames with scuffed holes dug into public parks, where the goalie has skidded over and over again.

8. This is a generic Millennial ad – Dissolve

Source: Dissolve

Sometimes advertising trends are so overused they become a cliche. Stock footage site Dissolve, has poked fun at clips of millennials riding bikes together into sunsets, Instagramming their food, and having rainbow coloured hair; whilst simultaneously demonstrating the wealth of on-trend imagery they have. Or perhaps challenging their clients to think outside the box with their ad narratives in the future.

9. Default ManGrayson Perry

Source: Penguin

To help advertise his new book ‘The Descent of Man’, publishers Penguin have created a game that highlights some of the books themes: that men are often so busy trying to achieve that they believe to be masculine success they often forget the important things e.g. friendship, love and compromise. The game is just the right length, and is easy enough to complete. It borrows well-known mechanics from Super Mario, means it is easy to pick up and navigate straight away.

Santa brand bookQuiet Room

Source: Quiet Room

As we head towards Christmas I’m always reminded of this piece from 2013 by branding / tone of voice agency Quiet Room. This tongue and cheek set of brand guidelines for ‘Santa’ mocks how pernickety and overwhelming brand guidelines can sometimes be. A great piece of content marketing for themselves.

What content have you enjoyed lately? Let us know in the comments.

Creative Inspiration: Content We Enjoyed this Autumn was originally posted by Video And Blog Marketing

Effective SEO Team Management Tips That You Should Try Out

Effective SEO Team Management Tips That You Should Try Out

The most important element of good SEO is having well-managed team that works together smoothly and effectively. Having a great and well-managed SEO team will ensure that you have an SEO company that is able to strive for success, and be able to grow even bigger.

At SEO Hacker, we have a company creed called GRIBEE (Grit, Respect for Work, Integrity, Beyond Technology, Empathy, and Experimentation) that embodies our principles, and guides us to everything that we do every single day. Managing an SEO team is no easy feat, as being able to work closely requires a great amount of team work and hard work. With that in mind, here are some effective SEO tips on how to manage your team well.

Attend Conferences and Seminars

Working in SEO means having to keep improving, and learning new skills and techniques that would make your job more effective and efficient. One of the best ways to learn new skills, techniques, and tools would be to attend various SEO and digital marketing conferences and seminars.

These events are attended by some of the best and established SEO professionals and companies, which means you are getting the best tips and advice available. For my team, we organize and attend different kinds of seminars and workshops that allow us to expand our skillset and knowledge base. We also organize the annual SEO Summit, as event, where SEO professionals discuss various SEO-related topics that help fellow professionals know more about the updates and trends about the industry.

Delegate Your Tasks and Promote Independence

Delegate Your Tasks and Promote Independence

Being an effective SEO team means being able to do a variety of tasks with a good degree of independence. One of the worst practices that some leaders can do would be to micromanage everything, which can cause a negative impact within the workplace and can cause distractions and tension.

Instead, encourage your team members to be independent and delegate their tasks accordingly. Being an SEO professional means being able to work with minimal supervision, which helps one develop new skills and techniques on how to approach SEO.

Keep Everyone In the Know

One of the key elements in establishing a good office environment is by being transparent with every member of your team. Every important piece of information and detail about the progress of their work must be properly conveyed to every member, whether it be good news or bad. Unless it is about private employee matters, make sure that you would be able keep everyone in the know within your team, as this would foster a better relationship between everyone.

Treat Your Team Like A Family

Treat Your Team Like A Family

With my team, we just don’t see ourselves as that, as we see ourselves as a large family that support each other through thick and thin. Every member of your team matters, and forming a strong bond between them would ensure that you have a very effective team that is able to perform at their best, and grow into the best version of themselves. Working in SEO is not just about the results, but it is also about the growth and development of each individual.

Always Strive For More

While it might be easy to stay put after experiencing some good results in your SEO campaign, striving for more is the way to go to get you to the next level. This mindset will help you and your team achieve greater heights than before, and help your company achieve more growth and development. It might be good to be content with good results, but as long as there is the potential to create great results, there is no better way to go than up.

Key Takeaway

Working in SEO means being a leader and a team player at the same time, and good team management would help you achieve the best results you can get. With these handy SEO tips about team management, you are guaranteed that you will be able to help you and your team form a stronger bond, and create a positive working environment that strives for success.

If you have any questions and inquiries about SEO, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

Effective SEO Team Management Tips That You Should Try Out was originally posted by Video And Blog Marketing